• 2008
    Wates Giving launched in 2008
  • £12.4M
    Over £12m invested in charitable activities since launch
  • 2,100
    More than 2,000 organisations supported through our awards programme
  • £1.1m
    Money raised for charity by Wates people supported by match funding

About Wates Giving

Wates Giving is the charitable programme run by the Wates Family Enterprise Trust. It was set up by the Wates Family, owners of the Wates Group, in 2008 to empower initiatives that make a real difference to society. It forms a vital part of the Wates Family’s commitment to being engaged stewards of a business that combines wealth creation with social responsibility. All the proposals for Wates Giving awards come from Wates people, as a result we are unable to accept direct requests for funding.

Through Wates Giving we aim to invest around £1 million every year in charitable activities which benefit communities for the long term.

In 2018, Wates Giving is proud to be celebrating its 10th anniversary.

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Our award themes

We invest in initiatives proposed and championed by Wates people. Their knowledge and commitment to local communities means they can identify initiatives that make a lasting difference. We have three award categories: Major; Employee Sponsored and Family Awards and have six themes which bring structure to our grant making process:

  • Employment and Training
    Employment and Training
    We support programmes that provide qualifications and training that enable job seekers to enter the job market. These include specific qualifications, such as CSCS cards and Food Hygiene certificates or 'on the job' training. Working with other partners we champion the opportunities in construction to new and hard to reach audiences.
  • Education
    We are strong supporters of initiatives aimed at children and young people in schools, colleges and universities. This can be a one-off scheme, such as a science day, through to more sustained programmes. We are also advocates of university scholarship schemes that award bursaries to talented students from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • Community Building
    Community Building
    We make awards to a wide range of groups from community centres and village halls to sports clubs. The aim of these awards is to improve the quality and quantity of opportunities for people in their community.
  • Sustainability
    In this area we typically support national projects that address issues around the use of energy, resources and water in the built environment. Projects include supporting the Supply Chain Sustainability School and UK Green Building Council.
  • Thought Leadership
    Thought Leadership
    These awards support research projects, often over a number of years. The aim is for the research to produce, or contribute towards, a paradigm shift from established models. Research pieces have been diverse and have included topics such as prison reform, housing solutions and energy efficiency in the built environment.