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 As a charity can we apply directly for a Wates Giving grant?

All the proposals for Wates Giving awards come from Wates employees or the Wates Family. As a result we are unable to accept direct requests for funding.

Who are the patrons of Wates Giving?

The Wates Giving programme is run by the Wates Family Enterprise Trust. Our patrons are: Andy Wates (Chairman); Andrew Wates; Charlie Wates; James Wates; Jonny Wates; Michael Wates; Paul Wates and Tim Wates.


I am a Wates employee and am interested to know how I can apply for Match Funding?

It’s easy! Go to the Wates Giving quick link on the intranet (TouchPoint for ex-Shepherd colleagues). This will give you the link to our online application form. Wates employees can make a bid for Individual Match Funding once every calendar year for up to £500 to match funds they have already raised for their chosen charity. Applications should only be made after your fundraising event, when you know the total you have raised.

Can Wates Giving make donations to JustGiving, Virgin Money or other fundraising pages?

No. Wates Giving can only pay direct to the charity for which you are raising money through making an on-line banking payment (BACS).

We are fundraising as a team. Can Wates Giving help?

Yes. The team must be at least 3 Wates employees. We match on a case by case basis, depending on what you raise. However, note that you may get more by making individual match funding applications if you are still eligible in the year.

Which Wates Giving schemes are open to employees?

There are a number of schemes open to employees, which are:

  • Major awards: We invest in work related initiatives proposed and championed by Wates people in the communites where they live and work. Our Major Awards cover education, training and employment, community, social enterprise, sustainability and thought leadership.
  • Match Funding – awards made direct to charities to add to fundraising already undertaken by Wates people.
  • Community Projects – awards to support Wates people who give their time in voluntary roles outside of the day job; such as charity trustees, school governors, sports coaches, as volunteers in community groups, or otherwise active in the community on a regular basis.
  • GAYE – the Give As You Earn scheme allows you to donate to charities through your salary (before tax). Your donation is matched by Wates Giving to a maximum capped figure. The scheme runs August to July annually as part of the Wates benefits package. Contact
  • Sports Sponsorship – awards to support Wates people or their direct relatives that are training and competing at a national level in a recognised sport.

Can I recommend a charity for Wates Giving to support?

No. Wates Giving only supports charities and community groups where a Wates employee has personal involvement on a regular basis. See Community Projects above. Call us on 01372 861251, or email us in the first instance if you think you are eligible.

How does Wates Giving relate to the Wates Family Enterprise Trust?

The Wates Family Enterprise Trust is the charitable trust that runs the Wates Giving programme.

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Using the 360Giving data standard, our awarded grants since January 2018 are available to view and download from the 360Giving GrantNav platform.

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This means that the data is freely accessible to anyone to be used and shared as they wish. The data must be attributed to The Family Enterprise Trust. We believe that with better information, grantmakers can make more effective and strategic decisions to increase the impact of their grants.

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